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    Rerunning of old movies
    2 years agoopen0
    We can rerun old previous released, classic movies in theaters and multiplex if possible. Online booking of seats (Blank seats should be kept between allotted seats) along with thermal scanning before... Read more...
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    A state of the art film city
    2 years agoopen0
    Opening of a state of the art film city in Goa will not only build tourism in the long run, but also support the hotel industry. There will be a regular influx of people, from big celebrities to mid l... Read more...
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    The Dream Destination for Shoots
    2 years agoopen0
    When it comes to Film, TV and Digital Content Production, what can you do in Mumbai that you cannot do in Goa? Honestly you can do everything. The talent and infrastructure available here alongside ab... Read more...