Women centered eco systems

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There are a lot of women in Goa who run households, are the sole bread winners and are actually managing homes. A group that these women can reach out to for any sort of financial, emotional or community help for their business, home or any other functional and life needs.
Like social groups in various parts of Goa, led by women to assist other women who need assistance and a community support.

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  1. Educating and spreading the knowledge and purpose of hygiene in a slum areas locals and etc is very much important to protect Goa from covid 19 and team has to reach to each and every place of the state because there are still some people who are unaware of the hygiene and specially our fruits and vegetable vendors and etc. And also in public transport sanitize should be made compulsory along with the social distancing.

  2. Nice Idea…, We are doing the project where we are empowering the women of goa by giving the the online platform to sell their products online .. their will help them to grow and be self independent.. we also have talent development programs where.. where offer training to the women based on their needs for more details please visit the ideas on site https://ideasforgoa.com/idea/local-digital-marketplace/ and talent development idea https://ideasforgoa.com/idea/talent-development-program-individuals-unemployed-woman-housewife-students-shg-others/ and rural women digitization idea https://ideasforgoa.com/idea/empower-rural-woman-digitization-automation-of-self-help-groups-shg-across-goa/ we have pilot launched pls visit http://www.digitalbaila.com which will encourage women to be self independent.

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