Winning back lost guests, once we start getting our act together

2 years agoopen0

We have lost many discerning guests for whom Goa was a paradise that they visited year on year. The promotion wing of the new Tourism Board (mentioned in another post) reaches out to these discerning tourists who valued the cultural and natural beauty of Goa (akin to lost customers). Hotels and resorts have details about them in their database. Once the transformation of Goa tourism starts, (incorporating all the ideas that are harvested) we engage with them, and share the refreshed approach to tourism in Goa. We invite some of them as guests to experience the new approach. We ensure some of them become our influencers so that we regain and expand the kind of tourists that actually promote Goa and its natural and cultural heritage. It is said that winning back a lost customer brings back loyalty and ambassadorship that is many times stronger than a satisfied new customer.

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