Why access matters for Goa

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For cities to be inclusive, access matters. In order for Goa to be more inclusive it needs to be made more accessible than it is. Goa has been a much loved place for all. However there’s a reason everyone is calling it a post COVID world. People’s priorities and outlook has undergone a change. For travellers, besides health, safety, hygiene, value and convenience is going to increasingly matter. GoA’s intra and inter city transportation has always been a challenge. Movement within Goa is not always easy for tourists and locals alike. For travellers, not everyone rides a two wheeler and if it’s a family of three or four it’s not an option in any case. Taxis are hard to find and expensive to hire. Bus stops and routes are hard to find for a tourist. In order to make Goa more accessible, convenient and value driven modes of transportation such as radio cabs, taxis, auto rickshaws, better buses and more routes need to be introduced. This will benefit locals and tourists alike. Also, if Goa wants to position itself as a knowledge, education and to some extent a business hub this will become even more important.

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