Where is the waste going ?


Pre COVID-19 this was a great issue for Goa, and I am sure for most part of the world as well. This will definitely continue post covid and are we ready for a action plan for this ?
The biggest crime is that Goa doesn’t have a effective garbage collection system. Not only to municipalities but villages as well.
Never before I have seen plastic spread in Goa in the interior village roads.
The next major problem being plastic, we should change the 3R mantra to a single R mantra which is REFUSE, non biodegradable plastic. This will help a lot.
There is so much unemployment, funded by the government, a Pvt. firm could start producing paper bags in a larger scale.
All wet waste could be converted into compost, which can be used in agricultural activities. Thus reducing use of chemicals.
Rest of the dry waste could be treated properly in plants.

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