As for the water sports which is something so big as an activity in a state like Goa since a lot of people are so excited to do it, its a very easy product to sell but its marketed so bad. For example say you come to Colva beach to do some water sports activities you need to stand in a line to get a coupon to do the activity. I just find such a facility very unprofessional. When i had traveled to smaller countries like Laos , Vietnam where tourism is just developing the level of service is incredible. For example water sports in Goa is sold as a 2 hour thing where you spend more time in the queue rather than actually enjoying it. My suggestion to this would be rather have shops which are Goa tourism owned with the confidence of the local players and improve this service. Sell day packages instead of just a 2 hour one and selling this in an a/c office with a little more comfort is so much easier than on the beach and making guest stand in a line to buy a service. There can be so many ways water sports within can be upgraded too. We have to sell an experience not a product that is what makes more people want to do it. The Package should be sold online too (gets in much more of a market and scope to increase service)
A change in our approach to services provided instead of making the beach the only attraction in the state should improve things like ATV rides, swimming in a river in Quepem is a very possible attraction again sell packages on outlets and organise a day trip with a taxi fee to the place which includes the ATV RIDE + SWIMMING AT A RIVER + YOUR MEAL + ZIP LINING . I have attached a website of what i mean. They try to sell you an experience with a full day package.

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