Vermin compost production

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With the huge surge and interest of home grown organic vegetable gardens, there comes a need to cater for organic inputs like vermin compost, pest repellents and soil inoculation to preserve the health of the plants.
Vermin Compost;
To produce vermin compost we need cow dung. But cow dung is available with dairy milk farmers who live far away from urban areas. It is a daunting task for the ordinary folks to go long distances to collect the same.
A simple solution is to engage the Panchayat to collect and bring to a central place and ask people to collect from there.
The second is earth worms and feed for the earth worms.
Earthworms are naturally found in cow dung. Also at the start of the monsoon, you will find plentiful of earthworms under trees that have been shedding their leaves and not being burnt. Alternately, government agricultural farms can grow feed stock that can be supplied at local Panchayat levels.
Feed for the worms:
The best feed is the cow dung itself. Supplements like raw waste vegetable leaves (also available in horticulture outlets) and degraded dried leaves.
Simplest way is to get a two hundred liter plastic drum and cut it vertically in half. Place on a stand or two stones to keep it above the ground.
These become the vermin compost bins. Require gunny sacks and a wire mesh covering.
Keep the bung of the drum open. If there is no bung, then make a hole at the bottom to drain the precious excess liquid, known as vermin gold. This can be sprayed on the plants for better growth (Check net).
Fill the drum with semi dried cow dung and wet thoroughly.
Add raw waste vegetable leaves in small quantities spread out and degraded and crushed dried leaves. Mix thoroughly. Add a few dried coconut outer shells to allow for aeration.
Cover with damp gunny cloth to keep the mix moist. Cover with steel mesh to prevent the poultry and birds from foraging into the mix.
After a week, you will see vermin compost deposited on top of the

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