Train hotel staff and restaurant staff

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I believe that if Government can organise Training for hotel staff and restaurant waiters about Hygiene measures post Covid and Overall presentation skills like how to talk to tourists , how to maintain distance, how to be a good waiter etc. I feel most of the guys coming to Goa to work in tourism sector have no idea of basic etiquettes, not because they are stupid , its because they have no idea overall how the hotel industry works ( minus 4 star or 5 star hotel)
Every beach can have one centre which trains staff of all the shacks and hotels, maintain records of their entry and exit.
Goa should set an example in this way and tourists should come back to Goa because of their hospitality.

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  1. Great idea. Aider Hospitality Solutions had written to Government of Goa offering to partner with the Government and conduct free training sessions. No reply. So if anyone can take this to the Government, it would benefit thousands of livelihoods in Goa.

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