sustainably grown food locally for everyone through aquaponics and permaculture

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My wife and I are living sustainably using aquaponics and permaculture in our home
we produce the entire fish and vegetables we need for our family, and sell extra vegetables to our neighbourhood.
All our kitchen and garden waste is composted by worms. No waste leaves our home
Do sustainable farming with permaculture and aquaponics in the cities and villages to make each area self sufficient in organic fish, vegetables and fruit.
Do water harvesting of the abundant monsoon, so that ground water is recharged and collected in ponds and tanks, so tube wells can pump it out the rest of the year.
Use solar and wind power to power these and your homes. This provides free power, water and food.
Compost your household and garden waste at source by vermicomposting and use it as permaculture in aquaponics to grow fish vegetables, fruits for yourself and your neighbourhood.
Recreate this natural system in your area. Be self sufficient in food.
We have destroyed nature and our health through industrialized agriculture , the pesticides, weedicides, GM foods, processed foods, processed drinks.
We have to go back to organic food and an organic lifestyle.
We have to change the shape of these cities we have built after destroying the forests they were on.
they are merely chicken coops that we live in and we call it development.
By composting the food and garden waste and using it in aquaponics, we have to get together and build community greenhouses, greenhouses on roofs, open lands, parks, in colonies where the poor live, in housing societies, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, colleges.
Children, Senior citizens, others can occupy themselves growing food for their locality. This will provide local employment to people running the greenhouses.
Each locality can be made self sufficient in its food.
Grow fruit, spice trees along roads and open areas in cities.
This will clean the air green our cities,
Peter Singh, Neeno Kaur
Aanant Aquaponics .
Aanant Organic Farms.

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