Sustainable Cluster Of Restaurants


We see a lot of diverse food in Goa at the various night markets that exist.
Lets ask the government or private land owners to give these chefs/ restauranteurs and entrepreneurs land ( rented out ) at a subsidised rate within zones in Goa , so that all these professionals can create a cluster of restaurants on the land given.
The land given can be agricultural land and shall also be used to grow all the crop, vegetables and produce so that all the restaurants can be sustainable and the farmer does not have to worry about consumption from retail spaces or the middle man.
The cost of bearing the capital expenditure shall rest with the entrepreneur and can also be a collaborative effort from a design perspective & smart IT.
In his way we can have 5 or 6 restaurants offering diversity in cuisine within a zone and the customer ends up being satisfied as he is guaranteed quality farm to table produce.
This will also boost tourism if projected in the right direction.

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