Stray Cattle

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The menace of
stray cattle in Goa cannot be understated. Most Goans and tourists will have experienced this first hand.

Major issues:
– traffic obstruction
– deaths due to
accidents on roads
– agricultural damage and
– invasion of the
touristic places like beaches etc.

With increasing vehicular traffic, this menace has become a life-threatening one.

Tourists on the other hand, want a picture or two with the cows on beaches and/or roads further denting the image of Goa and India abroad.

What we need is better enforcing of the stray cattle management act.

– Mandatory branding of all cattle
– More cattle pounds
– More reporting of strays
– Punitive fines from owners claiming the cattle from the pounds
– Strict fines for tourists feeding and or photographing strays on beaches and tourist spots

Anybody wanting to feed cows and take pictures should be directed to the pounds instead.

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