Solution to help small businesses go online

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Lockdown or no lockdown, people of all ages are going to be going out less than they were until a cure to Corona is found. Small shops, already reeling under the lockdown will continue to face financial difficulties as footfalls stay low. Some large and medium retailers have managed to go online quite rapidly (for example see the “Groceries” section on Swiggy), but small shops are still cut out.

A technology+services solution could help. While some small shops have managed to cobble together a home delivery service using WhatsApp and their own delivery staff, it is not very efficient & also prone to error.

An easy to use online marketplace for small shops (coupled with delivery infra) could be a game changer, especially in a place like Goa where people are quite spread out and it is difficult/expensive for individual shop owners to cover a sufficiently large area with their own delivery staff.

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  1. Could we utilize the services of pilots and create a common delivery platform/system for all small retailers while taking all health and hygiene precautions. This is a suggestion I read somewhere and feel can be useful

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