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Most cities are known to have livestock and pet animals.
The social issues related to climate change, or outbreaks, with the need for Environmental Management Systems are becoming important. One of the missing factors is what can people or agriculturists do with their livestock and/or pet animals when faced by a disaster like situation or impact. Abandoning them or letting rescue teams look for and rescue them are not solutions.
The chances of different locations becoming “risky, threat prone or hazardous” due to likelihood of becoming disaster stricken or infection sites is on the rise.
Sometimes disaster makes it respectful to save man, so the need to protect livestock and/or pet animals will always be a second level priority. This may need control and remedial measures.
A. Spirit to protect one and all
The Roles for Resettlement and Rehabilitation played by the Governments and the World Bank may need reviewing. Project interests and advisories will also need to be improved to help displacement, resettlement and/or rehabilitation.
B. Purpose of a People or LiveStock Centre
The purpose of a People Centre or LiveStock Centre is to “plan for helping” people and animals during displacement, resettlement and rehabilitation.
C.1 Key-site-disaster management practices
Key-site-disaster management practices need to be known to or implemented for people or people identities in a location or when visiting a location. C.2 Design for Coordination, Management and Dissemination
It should be a practice to include key site specific disaster management practices (like Coordination, Management and Dissemination) in a multiple-language handout or digitized display

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