Self contained innovation and software townships

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Goa still offers great living. I remember a startup in Dona Paula with bright professionals even from outside Goa including those from IIT.
developing mobile apps. They came here to work in peace and serene environment yet not far from the metros.

For the young, bright professional from the metros like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and even Gurgaon, Goa is just a short direct flight away.
With Covid-19, IT product and services companies may have at least 30-40% staff working away from office in the future.

We in Goa could entice such professionals to Goa offering sustainable, self contained townships which blend in with the environment. Top town planners and architects could be hired. These townships should offer integrated work and life spaces with top notch CBSE/ICSE/IB schools within. The workspaces should be provided with the best power and network solutions and should be pleasing, Aesthetic, preferably with views of the sea or fields.

This will encourage ideation/innovation/creativity and should be marketed such with financial incentives. The innovators living here could even go on to found startups or contribute in other ways to the Goan economy.

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