Sanitization Enterprise For Personal Gadgets , Car Interiors and Wearable’s and Premises.

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A valuable lesson this pandemic (CoVid-19) taught us,”Prevention is better than cure”. It is very evident that a safe practice will anyday save you from a disaster , but moreover it will prevent the disaster for you. So keeping that in mind , I would like to propose my idea which will not only serve the public , it will also instill within our culture the importance of hygiene at various levels in our day to day life and if scaled up can be a sustainable source of employment to the residents of the state in various domains such as ; service , research , designing ,marketing ,etc.

The Work.
Sanitising personal gadgets of customers such as ;smartphone, laptop , tabs , headphones , almost any gadget that the customer wants to get sanitized.
2.Sanitizing Wearables ; such as smart watch, wrist watch , spectacles. etc
3.Sanitizing Car interiors and exteriors.(Can be done in the company premises or at the customers residence)(can be made subscription based)
4. Sanitizining Office spaces / residential premises. (signing a yearly contract)
5.Can collaborate with existing businesses to extend their services to sanitization.

How it functions.
#1.Using Subscription based approach (week/month/yearly)
#2. Acquiring consumers by spreading the importance and benefits of being hygienic .
#3.Promotional offer for customers.
#4.App for all services
#5.Reasonable Pricing and Best service.
#6.Discount to UG college students.
#7.Hygiene ratings to public places (restaurants, cafes ,etc) and displaying it on our app.
#8.Expanding to domains such as launching propreitary sanitization products
Be safe from pathogens that can cause diseases.
Spread of diseases will be reduced , specially the contagious ones.
A revolution of mentality regarding the importance of hygiene of equipment’ that we use on a daily basis.
Generation of employment
Research opportunities in this field and developing new products and techniques.
Making hygeine a priority in our busy life.

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