Rural agriculture

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Initiate a comprehensive village planning process with special focus on agricultural activity that includes aqua culture, poultry, dairy, aspiaries etc. Encourage and incentivise coconut plantation to protect our coastal identity and create livelihoods from its various derivatives . A cooperative model can be looked at for efficiency and cost benefit.
In doing so, it will be important to also initiate the rejuvenation of all water bodies ( lakes, ponds, creeks, sluice gates etc.) as it supplements human activity.
The implementation of the plan should achieve the following besides other benefits:
(a). Introduce a new life line at local level
(b). Create higher employment opportunities
(c). Lower job migration
(d). Reduce vehicular mobility
(e). Obtain positive environment impact
(f). Achieve higher economic status
(g). Be self reliant
This new model would require professionalism and a scientific approach and technical support would be necessary at every level.

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