Restoring heritage homes as airbnb rental properties


Goa’s villages are full of beautiful crumbling old homes, many of them in such disrepair because of ownership disputes. Conventional wisdom says those houses can’t be bought because the papers are a mess. But many of those families – who can’t agree to sell – would likely agree to rent. We should create an investment fund that will take long term leases (15 years +) on a few dozen disputed, falling down heritage properties and turn them into airbnb properties. The government should back such a move because it preserves Goan heritage and culture and puts money into the hands of Goan property owners rather than ‘outsiders.’ It can be a social impact fund – it won’t make huge amounts of money, but we can appeal to ‘impact investors’ throughout India who will see the social benefit of it. India’s large community of interior designers and builders can make the project a success

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