Rejuvenation of barren fields


There are so many fields which are lying barren, people are not cultivating as it is not viable in terms of cost. We need to encourage people to cultivate by providing know-how, subsidized machinery, etc… Many of the fields are now not suitable for cultivation as over the years they have been neglected, so people should be helped with know-how, on how the soil can be made cultivable again. This awareness has to be spread among all people thru the Churches, Temples, Community Gatherings, as these are the best places to imbibe ideas to people. The people who are willing to cultivate should be encouraged by creating a market for their produce, which will provide them a source of income. An avenue can be created to export the organic produce as well which can be a good earner. We should start with fields in the cities and then move further, because in the cities specially if the land is barren, it is prone to being captured by the Builders.

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