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With the premise that no sector can be seen in isolation, the inclusive development plan should be people centric at the least.
Post pandemic, the labour crisis will throw up an opportunity to revive our traditional occupations and organise the unorganised sector . Our approach could be the following, besides others
1. Promote skilled training across sectors and provide avenues for employment
2. Bring stringent controls on migrant labour activity through use of technology and adequate systems
to achieve the following :
(a). Create a master data of all work force with skilled classification.
(b). Verification and monitoring of their housing, health and sanitation needs and avoid proliferation of
shanty towns across the state.
The control system should be human and promote healthy co existence of all stake holders.
3. The real estate development needs to be judiciously restricted to a level that doss not infringe upon the topography of this beautiful State. High rise structures should not be imposed on our scenic countryside and create second homes to the floating population, increasing population density and strain on our limited resources i.e. power, water etc.
4. Introduce professionalism for streamlining the administrative system and processes with a view to usher in good governance, efficiency and obtain cost benefits to th state. Wasteful expenditures and financial leakages should be controlled at every level – this should be the ‘New Normal’
Set up a SVP for the upkeep and maintenance of all government assets and to ensure timely remedial action and effective monitoring ( a stitch in time saves nine). Earmark a certain percentage of every project cost as source of funds by providing an inbuilt clause in the financial sanction document.
Our present crisis should be an opportunity to reform, perform and transform.

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