Promote Agro , Eco and responsible Tourism

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Through the Anjuna Community Farming Project initiative we propose to support  the entire community at large by creating in a phased manner, an organic, self sufficient and sustainable farming ecosystem by using common resources available within the community with minimal investment.
The different aspects of the project will be:
1) Using uncultivated land in collaboration with owners. Initially to sow local rice before the monsoons to re activate the soil.
2) Post monsoons, create vertical and hydroponic based structures to grow vegetables and fruits.
3) Create a farmers market along with a distribution network to cater to both, local and tourist based community (ie.f&b etc). This will result in availability of better organic products as well as reduce costs for the end consumer. It will also ensure a guaranteed market for the project.
4) Promote agro tourism by inviting tourists, foreign and local, for farm stays and include a variety of activities like agricultural education, hospitality, recreation and entertainment. An organic farm based restaurant is also proposed on site to support these activities.
5) Create a waste management system that services both restaurants and households. The green and paper waste can be used to cultivate compost and organic fertiliser that can be used in farming.
Upcycling and recycling single use plastic waste or any other non perishable waste to create handicrafts. Local women and families who are traditionally skilled at creating handicrafts will get an opportunity to earn a reasonably good income in this vertical.
Eco and responsible tourism can be promoted through these efforts.
6)A separate shelter for stray cattle will be created where they are fed and nurtured by collecting green waste from restaurants etc. The manure collected from this will be used as fertiliser in the agriculture venture.

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