Procreate sessions to reduce burden on the healthcare systems

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Can the healthcare system manage repeats of the current crisis?
India among other countries is known to air programmes for Health and Wellness. The man-making endeavors are well-known (be it Baba Ramdev, Sadhguru, Sri Sri Ravishankar, Herbal Life and many important others). With the need to manage the current health threat (2020), we may need Health and Wellness Centres/Clusters to plan sessions to reduce burden on the healthcare systems and to incorporate remedial “self-configuration, self-management, self-prioritization, self-reparative methodologies to manage demand/supply for healthcare or healthcare guidance”. The audience to programmes aired on Health and Wellness may be a well-known, but with the health threat today we may need sessions that focus on Health, Growth and Immunity with the intent to reduce the burden on healthcare providers and healthcare systems. We may need to incorporate specific Immunity development or improvement. Today people are used to the Prime minister’s talks on a regular basis. The media also airs many programmes that are well-planned and well-delivered. But the need is to manage demand/supply balance in healthcare. The furtherance for routine involvement will need to be replaced by generative involvement. These generative actions must be balanced and choreographed to ensure increased sense of
involvement. To do this, AOEC proposes that Health and Wellness Centres, Associate Centres, Training Centres and
Clusters for Health and Wellness must start delivering “Zen sessions” that can start as speaking sessions,
or extend to audio-video sessions, to live interactions, to undertakings where associated efforts help in convergent connecting, balancing and choreographing.
India must show her understanding that Allopathy can be balanced/assisted.

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