Premium ISP for businesses & families

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1. Work from home (WFH) and study from home are going to be realities for some time to come, which means people need rock-steady connectivity 2. If you look at online reviews, people are extremely unhappy with most or all Internet service providers (ISPs) in Goa

There is an opportunity for a premium price, premium reliability ISP in Goa—one that could do things like…
a) Provide not only a router but also a back-up battery for power cuts
b) Provide a fail-over connection (rather than rely on customers to contract with multiple ISPs)
c) Hire a larger group of technicians than current ISPs so that the inevitable connectivity issues due to falling branches etc in the monsoon are seen to quickly

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  1. Thanks, Govind for the idea.

    Why not try a coworking space? I run NomadGao, a coworking/coliving place in Assagao. We have a great community, reliable internet, comfortable seating, and power backup.

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