Pitching for a world-class college of music in Goa

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The idea of the proposal is to utilize the unique cultural gift of Goa to propose an Institute of Excellece in Music, something along the Lines of Julliard or Berklee, with a unique pedigree of its own.
Despite having a rich tradition in Music, India does not have an institute of excellence dedicated to music. Goa, with its confluence of cultures could be an ideal destination to host such an institute of excellence.

Prominent Ambassadors from Goa and mentors from the Music field who support this idea can use their social and professional contacts to get traction for the idea. Subsequently, the idea could be pitched both to private funders (including Bollywood celebrities, Financiers, NRIs, Goan Diaspora settled outside) to pitch in with funding and take government support for required infrastructure.

A world-class music school in Goa would not only enhance the reputation of Goa as a place of cultural diversity but also unlock great synergies with tourism and entertainment sector.

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