Organising the Unorganised Sector

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Recently we heard Goa has 70000+ migrant labourers.

Most of us use workers for Garden, Masonary, Construction & other works.

Labourers are found at fixed places like Mapusa Gandhi Circle, Calangute Tinto & many such places. One has to go there & pick these labourers after fixing the price with them.
For the Labourers Goa is like working in the Gulf.
In their own states they are paid Rs 350/ for Men & Rs 275/- for women. Here we pay minimum 600/- & in May 700/- to 800/-

A local goan needs to register with the Employment exchange so Why not these Migrant Labourers.

The Govt should Register these workers & issue them with a labour card like in the Gulf Countries.
Charge them a nominal fee of say Rs 100/- which will give them a Labour Card & also give them a health check. Also charge them an additiinal Rs 100/- for Medical Insurance like the Din Dayal Scheme. An additional charge of Rs 100/- for a personal Life Insurance . All charges are Yearly.

Further a Police Verification should be Madatory. At present the Onus is on the Landlord where the Labourer stays & everytime he changes his residence a fresh verification is required.

The Regustration Card should have various categories of Emoyment like Skilled , Semi Skilled, Apprentice, Manual Labour & Sub Categories like Mason, Gardner, Plumber etc. Appropriate Coding should be done for quick identification of the required person.

Next the Government should setup Counters like the Prepaid Taxi Counters. Labourers should Queue up at Counters daily.

Anyone who wishes to hire them should go to the counter & state his requirement & will be alloted the labourers. Just like the taxi counters a charge should be levied on both the labourer & the hirer.

This amount can be used to pay for Staff to man the counters thus creating jobs for our local youth.
It should be Mandatory to hire labourers from the Counter only.

Even companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Shacks should get their workers registered & get a labour Card

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  1. If this mammoth project goes ahead, assuming there’s no ulterior motive & is managed efficiently & ethically, once the process has been streamlined & activated, there will be better check & control on the entry of any possible anti-social elements into the state whilst having an organised database of migrant labour resources available. The revenue it is projected to generate could most definitely actually cover the initial cost of set-up & continue to self-fund the manpower & technology involved in manning these booths / counters whilst providing gainful employment to deserving & talented youth in the local community. This would also result in the spotlight being on the stakeholders & other involved parties / vendors in this project with whom there would undoubtedly be some level of revenue sharing (medical or insurance), to up their game & be held accountable to deliver the promised benefits to the migrant labourers.

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