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The movement ‘Goa 2.0’ says it all. We all need to realise that business as usual is not anymore getting us forward and we need a radical rethink of how to reform things. We need to understand that Goa have reached its point of primal development on the tourism sector as decline was already visible in the past few years as development saturation is already one of the many problems that the state encounters currently with infrastructure crumbling and resources as we know them are fast disappearing. Goa need to establish criteria and strategies for a regeneration phase, by creating a new brand identity that addresses the environment from a new vintage point.
Hoteliers have a pivotal role in this as they should lead the shift to the new brand as a premium tourist destination. It’s them that they have to go out and hunt the right ideas, implement them and have the confidence to sell their new product at a premium rate. They can create mini circular economy models for others to come on-board and support. From local organic food production to environmentally friendly cleaning products, renewable energy, water management, no plastic and recycling processes. Everybody else will follow them and satisfy the demand of services and goods that they will create with their initiatives. Sustainability should come from converting hotels to much higher standards rather than building new. That will save money, resources and will not permit a second tier of existing stock to keep in business and spoil the joint efforts of rebranding the whole tourism industry.

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