Opportunity to clean goa


With the sudden loss of visitors to the state, and the sudden drop in the ‘on-going’ rate or littering happening all over the streets of Goa, NOW is the perfect chance for a statewide cleanup drive with the help of citizens as well as govt. Imagine being able to look at a place and see absolutely no plastic, no trash, no cigarettes and no bottles! This is very achievable in a very short period right now because for the first time in a long time there is absolutely no tourists coming in. The trash generated by us locals can also be reduced by many means, main one being educating people around.

When tourists do come back, and they will, it may be short-lived if they come back to a dirty goa. Because the trash will be very visible since there are only a few tourists. We won’t even have a legitimate excuse anymore. If goa is clean and aesthetically pleasing, we will continue to attract people looking for a getaway into paradise. But a dirty goa is no paradise and if they see this, it’s over.

Once we have a clean goa, it will be much easier to maintain this once tourists start flowing in again.

Earlier we were swimming against the current, but for the first time, what we clean today, will remain clean tomorrow, so we actually have the ability to fully and properly clean goa.

We all have a job in this. Let’s organize cleanup drives in our villages with the help of neighbours and if possible panchayats too. Obviosuly maintain social distancing and hand hygiene and also wear masks while doing so.

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