Open Startup Incubator Goa

1 year agoopen0

Most incubation programs are funding/equity based and hence require stringent application processes. However, a majority of small business/startup ideas do not require that level of funding but however could use a bit of hand holding and mentoring at those early stages. Some Goa based incubators already have a lot more open mentoring policy ,e.g. If you could offer such an open incubation for an affordable fee for the incubator/co-working space for any startup willing to startup/relocate operations to goa, it could be a funnel to attract a lot more startup entrepreneurs frpm across the country. Fiire is already doing that in a way, offering open incubation to new startups, however, if this was marketed as a ‘Move to Goa and get incubated’ type of a program, it could boost the startup ecosystem of the region, as a sort of a startup visa program and bridge into Goa.

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