Onshoring all Casinos

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Why cannot we have on-shore casinos and do away with the polluting ships in the river?

Understandably, these do offer a form of tourism and generate substantial revenues for the state and the promoters.

But, by onshoring the casinos we could solve many problems:

– monitoring for safety and social distancing
– no effluents and pollutants enter the rivers
– ugliness of the boats choking up the mouth of the Mandovi
– security
– eco-friendliness

2 thoughts on “Onshoring all Casinos”

  1. Love this idea. The casino industry in Goa can grow 100X with some very simple changes (if there is a will to do it!) — not kidding. 1 HUNDRED times. If this is done, it solves 99% of the problems with the Goan economy and Goa budget.

    Step 1: On-shore the casinos.
    Step 2: Become the LEADER in India for mobile gambling and/or sports betting.

    These two steps will DOUBLE Goa’s economy – with MINIMAL environmental impact. When I say minimal, I mean about 1 / 1000 th the damage caused by something like mining.

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