Needed Dimensions and Proportion

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As Goa is a hub of activity!
People Welfare Systems (PWS) can help Goa’s diversified tourist and health & wellness networks improve their modelling, and contribute for HGI transformation, disease mitigation and life saving in a country-wide scenario that could become agile for incidences of diseases, illnesses, disasters or emergencies.
In an increasingly agile and changing world,
A. PWS can act like remedial bridges that help people avail of medical and life support services like supply of drugs, medicines, remedies, immunizers, implants, wear-on(s), healthcare accessories, nutritional products, etc
with PWS intelligence in preventing gaps in critical path management, strategy and
error reduction.
B. PWS will help backup orientation for dealing with need, proportion, remedial thinking, and sometimes even help discuss response for
incidence, illness, disaster or emergency. HGI: Health-Growth-Immunity
C. PWS transform a provider, supplier and/or distribution network and its links into an ASSET that not only demonstrates availability, ethical practices and effectiveness in meeting demand, but also helps assess vital issues affecting consumers, and manage other situational needs like low HGI quotients, threats, emergencies, disaster mitigation or disaster management while helping more proportionate healthcare, saving lives or reducing chances of uncontrollable incidences.
D. PWS and their networks can enable need dimensioning and proportion to all aspects of prioritized necessity like food/drink provisions and identified disaster management connected supplies, goods and commodities
+ More details are in the attached document

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