Natural materials, natural fibres- from waste

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One of the strongest natural fibres come out of Banana stems- why are they then wasted, cut down and thrown aside when the fruit is harvested? The fibres of the pineapple plant is the same- very strong, but the plant cut down and often burnt after harvest. Have you heard about Piña Silk- the queen of Philippine fabrics? It is made of Pineapple fibre. The Kerala Govt (through its Kudumba shree system) had initiated a scheme through which farmers were encouraged to convert their banana and pineapple waste into fibre and bio-gas. They had a completely organic method of doing this- through anaerobic processes. However Goa can go a step further and convert the fibre into yarn, and yarn into fabric. And offer high-end, organic, pesticide free alternatives to cotton weaves. All out of waste.

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