Mainline Resources Crisis Reduction (Provisioning for 2020)

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Today terminology like conservation, restoration and preservation are quite common. The demand/supply and the global market dynamics cam be concerning for consumers. With the health threat in 2020, the use of mainline resources should not lead to a crisis.
The insight is to design / define a Behavior Model to understand the need for mainline resources (energy, water, fuel more commonly), where the model identifies a universal (uni)-management index associated with the consumer, where there may be (1) living needs, (2) medium priority needs such as “business actualization needs”, (3) high priority needssuch as “government and security needs” and (4) advanced priorities such as healthcare, or for emergency response needs or for vital demand/supply necessities. The Government of India has often stated that global market factors influence the availability of certain mainline resources. Today the crisis in 2020 can add to the effort to produce and consume indigenously. It is important that the governments make people help crisis reduction. Thus to bring about foreseeable synergy into the “need for mainline resources” versus “the systems that are implemented to supply these resources”, it may be important to conceptualize for what is called “expert provisioning” for times unforeseen. Expert provisioning can make it simpler to identify the tangible correlation between availability versus the crisis reduction enabled by consumers in the country. This expert provisioning can record, evaluate, survey and collect information about consumers in an innovative Channel Building, where this new Channel Building will first help a consumer to categorize the need for mainline resources as uni-management index based CRITERIA, where an index can make a difference
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