M3: A Tool to Revive the Economy of Goa

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Around 90% of start-ups in India fail mainly due to funding, and this rate has now increased catastrophically due to the CoViD-19 pandemic.

With the economies crashing, we need a solution to sustain the economy and help fund start-ups and other small businesses in the post-CoViD-19 world we live in, irrespective if they’re in lockdown or not.

This is why we’ve created the M3 Project: The Mechanizm 2 Mobilize Money.

How does it work?
1. Users either purchase goods or services worth a certain amount from our growing list of partnered stores & companies and get a coupon code, or purchase a multi-value coupon directly from us for just Rs. 100/-
2. Using the coupon code they’ve received, they can play2win huge discounts on massive prizes.
3. A part of the revenues generated is kept aside to help fund start-ups or for good, noble causes and charities.

Who benefits from this?
The M3 is a win-win-win system.
The campaign holders are guaranteed the sale of their massive prizes,
The winners are guaranteed these prizes at the discount chosen by them,
Causes, Charities, and Start-ups are funded for by the revenues generated from these campaigns.

Our hybrid, freemium model can not only guarantee sales, but also boost the economy while doing so.
There are similar freemium models that are effective and highly profitable all over the world, such as payback.in, pointsprizes.com, mloyalweb.com

For more details, please go through this deck we’ve prepared: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pERZVuS9aLquQnhhGRxv9a9JERQJp8sc

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