Localized Gathering and Distribution System


The solutions of the future will be a system that takes into account logistics. The minimal and more efficient it is – the better it is in terms of longevity of the produce, cost to consumer and wastage.

The idea is to set up a system that aggregates local neighbourhood farms/patches and provides a kiosk for direct interface and more importantly a delivery system that ensures that the produce does not travel more than a designated number of kilometers from farm to kitchen.
Of course this will be limited to local produce and seasonal produce. It is essential that as a people we learn again to consume what is locally and seasonally available and for the fancy American apples or Australian oranges or even the unseasonal cauliflower you can always go to the fancy stores and pay a premium for it – so this business model is not in competition with indulgences but stands to gain from the shift in mass consumerist economy to going traditional and local.

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