Learning and knowledge

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1 open learning and knowledge center for Public representatives and bureaucrats .The teaching should include morality,analysis,decision making ,policy making etc .
2.Bring in small but reputed teaching institutes form India and abroad(one that does not guzzle only land)
3.Bring in R&D and Design and not manufacturing
4.Bring back schools close to locality from one concentrated spot. Covid has shown this as dangerous.
5.Make School learning fun like REGGIO EMELIA method
6.Train teachers to teach and in child Psychology and not just on knowledge of the subject
7.Make teachers jobs as most respected and d most coveted

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  1. Great idea Raj. I believe there needs to be a priority on which one should be done first – May be top 3 to develop a strong foundation. or Top three which are more of a low hanging fruit – easy to start, communicate and adopt.

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