Learn & Earn – Instantly


Create a centre (currently online but can be developed in to a Knowledge centre at some stage ) where anyone can learn a short course (anywhere between 2weeks to 2months) which will help them to get online assignments/projects and earn from it. Graphic designing, we development, virtual assistants, content writing, and other freelancing tasks. A youth who has 2-3 extra hours a day while he is still studying or a home-maker who wants to upskill herself & earn, or even a senior citizen, should be able to take these courses. If it can be run by a pvt body but funded by the govt., we will be able to make most of Goa digitally equipped – to learn & to earn. Projects within the state, should be made available to this set of people, so that we have created a resource pool within Goa. From entrepreneurs to professionals to govt., these skills be useful to many.

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