Indias first Waste Management Consumer Brand

As India is rapidly growing towards urbanization, problems and issues of solid waste and liquid waste are on a rise and need to be handled immediately. Our Government bodies have understood the importance for the SWM service but are also facing difficulties because of various factors. May that be, rising population, human behaviour towards cleanliness, deficiency in labour contracts or participation from private sectors.
We aim to be India’s first waste management brand with our venture’s brand name – “YIMBY” that will channelize this unorganized sector by bringing in the stakeholders like NGOs, Municipalities/ Panchayats, Government bodies, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Service Providers, Environmental Engineering Companies and Institutions, all under one roof.

And unlike any other social cause, educating the urban and rural dwellers on waste management and encouraging them to live in a sustainable environment, would be the prime objective of “YIMBY”.

All businesses need a reliable, cost efficient and ethical solution to their waste management needs.
Gone are the days when businesses weren’t concerned about what happened to their waste. Today environmental responsibility, reliability and price are all of equal importance, and that’s where we come in.
Did you know that “YIMBY” is a one-stop shop when it comes to waste? From Storage, everyday waste, packaging, food, and Domestic hazardous waste, our services are designed to deal with all types of waste. But what exactly are the benefits of using one supplier?
Convenience – it keeps things simple and straight-forward
Time saving – one provider means you don’t have to liaise with numerous suppliers.
Cost reduction – one point stop will often come with discounted rates
One report – all your recycling and waste statistics can be analysed in one place.
Trash Trade – Trade with recyclable trash and pick anything from Yimby store worth value of your trash.

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