Increasing river fish stock, size and numbers

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Dear Sirs,

During this lockdown, one of the food that Goans love was seafood. But the fishing vessels too, came under the purview of the lockdown. This knocked the fish from our diet.

River fish came to the rescue and saved the day.

Goa is blessed with abundant rivers, manoos, and other water bodies. And in them is fish, starving fish. Till now the goans only thought to remove fish, crabs, shell fish etc., but no one thought how to sustain and increase their population. As a result the size of fish got smaller, and the density diminished.

Now we all know that fish, crabs and shell fish feed on the waste in the water and on other smaller fish. That is how our waters are kept clean.

On the other hand, we have a huge waste of nutrients in the form of meat waste and fish waste. These waste are expensive nutrients that mankind discarded as not palatable.

Now suppose we take this waste and sun dry it, grind it into paste and pelletize it and then feed it to the fish at regular times, you will see the difference in the marine population. And the size.

Suppose, we call in all the local fishermen and explain to them our objective to increase supply and also the size, they will understand the huge benefits.

Today shenianoes are no longer available. But neighbouring states are growing them in tons. And the technology is available with our fishery department. Can we motivate them.

NIO is India’s premier body for sea resources. Can we motivate them to direct their energy to produce food from the seas and rivers??

If the above is moved forward, their will be a quantum jump in production within two years. I feed fish in my pond in front of my home and I know the huge response from these aquatic creatures. They know my timing and my voice and they are all there. And they grow fast in size.

Thanking you for the opportunity


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Capt. Joseph Lobo

Sustainable Designed Solutions

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