Improve the image of Goa

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I am a Goa lover and I stay in Calangute every winter. Here are some ideas to improve t he situation in Goa : 1) The heritage should be better protected and preserved. Heritage attracts foreign tourists. Too many beautiful portuguese buildings are left in decay, destroyed and replaced by ugly modern buildings. Heritage villages like Saligao or Sancorda and many others should be protected as a whole. 2) Many western visitors are shocked by the huge amount of garbage everywhere. Goa should be better cleaned, and modern garbage managment facilities (like waste destroying factories) should be built. Many panchayats don’t really care about waste : for instance the Calangute beach is usually clean, but the edges of the beach (for instance between Beach Queen shack and Chalston Beach resort) are disgusting waste dumping areas. 3) The private traffic managment should be improved : instead of compulsive flyover building, which destroys the beauty of the state (for instance between Panjim and Margao), the government should limit the traffic. Without landscape beauty the tourists shall not be attracted.

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