Graded Foods to manage Crisis 2020

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The issue in the food and consumables manufacturing industry is that the products being manufactured are not graded for criteria that can help achieve RDA/RNI sufficiency, and sustainability for the bio-cluster.

•The need today (in 2020) is to help consumers use, return and reject products that have Chartered Incidence Response policies that can be used in action planning, incidence management and product-lifecycle management where a five-fold amplification and metering endpoint theory helps sustainable development, coverage and attainable supply.

•The need today is to get feedback, complaints, and quality checks to help achieve RDA/RNI sufficiency in products, and sustainability (in the bio-cluster).

•The feedback, complaints and quality checks could be assessed by the organization and by a Contact Centre, Advisory Centre or Surveillance Centre (that is part of an Information Hub), to thereon help meter the grade and acceptance level for each of the products, or their product categories, where this metering of grades or acceptance levels will indicate whether the utilization of such products will cause an impact on health, or on sustainability, or on dimensions of environmental pollution, or lead to more diverse climate change risks.

•The need is to add methodologies such as CPM* (which stands for Critical Product (Leverage) Management), and PERT* (which stands for Product Evaluation Review Techniques) for products that belong to a specific bio-cluster.

Details are available in the attached document.

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