Goa Not Another Concrete Jungle

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One can clearly see how people from other metro cities in India are fleeing their cities to live in homes in Goa because they can’t breathe the air over there and they also find it too congested and stressful. Goa’s new problem is that they come here with their same old ideas of buying flats from greedy builders who don’t care about Goa’s heritage and lifestyle and healthy village model, and this is slowly turning Goa into the next concrete jungle where we all will have to run away from in the next 10 years.

The people of Goa cannot allow this to happen and must appeal to the Government of Goa to stop this destruction and put restrictions of the type of new residences that are being built in favor of Goa’s traditional villas that keep the beauty and culture of Goa.

Please watch this video by two of Goa’s very own Natural Homes Architects at The New Earth Summit https://thenewearthsummit.com/videos

Eco Friendly Homes & Living – Hyacinth Pinto & Tallulah D’Silva

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