Goa must become Self Sufficient in Organic Food

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It is shocking that Goa has so much cultivable land and heavy rainfall and the full range of seasons to grow the widest variety of plant based foods but we don’t do that and instead settle for out of state imports of chemical infused foods that make us sick. The people of Goa must be educated on how locally grown organic foods are not only good for their health, but also good for a local self-sustained economy. At The New Earth Summit in Goa in Nov’19 we pushed a model of self-sufficiency in organic food to the people of Goa through presentations of 4 Goan pioneers (below) to impress upon them to not give away their cultivable lands and start organic farming on it because our future food security depends on it. This movement needs to be a joint venture between people and the state and the state has already put their good foot forward as seen below. It is time for the people to respond to it.

Top 10 foods for good health and top 10 foods for bad health – Darryl D’Souza

A successful small scale natural farming system – Karan Manral

Solutions for Goan farmers giving up farming – Miguel Braganza

Organic Farming Initiative by the State of Goa – Nevil Alphonso (Agriculture Director)

Please visit our website https://thenewearthsummit.com/videos and view these videos.

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