Goa is a Safe Haven- Trust Us!


Health certification (With a 15-day validity) to be issued to operators. Govt portal should also put out short videos of the safety procedures followed by the govt. certified operators of Taxi/Bus/Scooter Rental.
The machinery that will need to be activated to make this possible, will create a long-term perception of GOA as a #safehaven.
A few 30sec videos of some of the operators can also be put up, doing a self-declaration of their health status.
Goa Miles and other large operators should undertake this for their fleet of drivers and be the first in the country to publicise this to the world. An entire BRAND GOA tourism campaign can be run around this worldwide. We will be making a huge statement about Goa as a tourist destination for years to come if this can be implemented in a structured manner.

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