Goa – A Work-Cations hub for a really promising gig economy based culture.


Firms, across the world, now have realised they don’t need their employees to be physically present at ‘HQ’ to be productive. The same, if not more, can be achieved from home or even close to home using time more efficiently and allowing people to live better lives. While co-working spaces in major cities have already sprung up in the recent past, Goa, for it’s peaceful vibe, clean air and more community like environment, is extremely attractive for people all over the world and India as a possible place of work. Promoting work-cation as a concept will help attract a sensible audience, not looking for drugs and cheap alcohol but a peaceful place for a few months to sprint through before they move on. It’ll bring in a lot of sustainable income, not just in spurts and in ‘season’ but throughout the year.

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