Go eco fight economy

2 years agoopen5

Goa post covid can be well promoted and conceptualized as a destination which is for wellness, fitness,eco ,hinter land,friendly,green,organic restaurants with eco cutlery,health cafes,more nature oriented people,hub for nature and eco concept lovers who can experience real holistic wellness destinations. standardization and certification of of eco and organic restaurants,resorts ,wellness centres,healthcare facilities should be done. maximum places should have hygiene maintenance as a mandatory criteria.also all the appointments and reservations should be done online through a common portal.in this way the physical distancing norms will be maintained but also lot of food wastage and also lot of unnecessary travel can be avoided.also the tourists coming in Goa will be much more calm and can actually enjoy their holiday.the ratings of the service or place will be also done on the waiting time if it goes beyond the appointment scheduled.

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