Getting Upright: The Corona bypass

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3 Points
1.Be polite and helpful to each and every person,Be it a tourist or a resident,there’s been an indifferent attitude to tourists which is detrimental in long term for the tourist industry and for the local economy.
2.Beaches and Shacks: The policy on the same should be practiced in all its entirety.In last few years,what we see at the beach is a stretch of endless beach beds and similar stuff which are occupying the much needed space where people can move and sit along the beach.The shacks leave almost no place for people to move around, sometimes to the extent that they just have to wade through the waters to get past that spot.
3.Local Transport and parking :The rates should be fixed by the State govt for each and every type of transport. Over years,It’s been a sore point for tourists when they are left stranded due demand of huge amounts by service providers, which is exorbitant and shell shocking to see when you hear that kind of money being asked.Anauthorised parking, be it anyone should be dealt with sternly.The panchayats should make more endeavour to identify more places for parking of private conveyances, taxis,tourist buses and private vehicles slightly ,preferably within walking distance to beaches/ market areas.

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