Getting The Industry Back

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Tourism and hospitality as an industry, will need to reinvent the wheel and figure out strategies to continue providing their high level of service keeping the social distancing parameter and customer confidence in mind.
One needs to stay focused with a sharp eye on the cash flows. The hotels need to conserve cash by minimizing all CAPEX expenses
Another crucial point is managing the anxiety levels of the workforce. Work towards ensuring that they continue to feel like a part of the organization as they are the brand ambassadors of your organization. Keep your supply chain engaged and appraised of the ongoing situation as they are your partners
Build customer confidence by showcasing to them the steps that are undertaken to keep your environment safe and hygienic for them to visit. When it comes to cuisine, the focus should be on healthy cooking derived from local produce (on the principles of farm to plate). Follow the philosophy of think global and act local. Chefs will have to create confidence in the mind of the guests by engaging in personal interactions, through social platforms, and informative video clips shared with their existing customers.. Menus should be smaller, simpler and rotatable. Buffet services should be avoided. Offering guests foodwhich boosts their immunity and keeps them strong would be the new strategy along with smart pricing
Tax concessions must be offered to the industry. Secondly, renewal of licenses must be done at concessional rates or keep current licences valid for 2 years. Working capital loans at very reasonable interest should be introduced.
Travellers will demonstrate preferences for hotels & restaurant that communicate enhanced sanitation and hygiene protocols. The focus will be on being clinically clean from aesthetically clean. Contactless payments and limited cash handling, besides other measures like promoting in room dining should be encouraged
Innovative thinking and hygiene standards would be the key to revival

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