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Supported by the local Pancharet, sponsored by local business, lets Get Goa Fit.. After this current scenario, all citizens should be motivated to keep healthy, keep the respiratory system strong & keep everyone’s mental health in check.. This can be hosted by the trainers of Goa who’s gyms are closed for the time being.. Keeping in mind social distancing – football pitches would be an ideal venue with 45 min training 3 times a week free of charge.

Classes can also be televised on local channels or go live on digital platforms too for those who would rather exercise from home.

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  1. Lets get Goa fit, its a great initiative, lovely sounds to it. Everyday, I witness more and more participation by the people in such a fantastic fitness goals and aims. If at this time, Govt. can take a step or two and create an ideal PPP (Public Private Partnership) with Govt. support in it, that will go a long way in keeping Goa healthy.
    Great initiative guys, keep up the good work.

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