From hospitality to on-site housekeeping and F&B: A new kind of staycation

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Hotels of all sizes are badly hit by the crisis—and rooms will continue to go empty. That means it will be a challenge for owners to make payroll each month; and new ideas need to be found.

Hotels could launch an on-site service that gives the “staycation” concept a whole new spin. Customers ie individual families would purchase (say) a one-week staycation, and during that time a hotel crew would visit once a day to:
1. Do a thorough, hotel-quality housekeeping job
2. Drop off 2 or 3 meals cooked by the hotel’s chefs
3. Restock the fridge with minibar goodies
4. Bring a selection of newspapers
5. Restock bathrooms with luxury soaps, creams, shampoos

…and so forth

This idea would only work if Goa remains in the Green zone and it is safe for hotel employees to visit individual residences

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