Freightworks- Aggregating Small Freight Transport for Small Businesses and Individuals

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Small business owners or individuals who want to transport items either hire a locally available small tempo or travel in their personal vehicle. While this works best when high-value fragile items are involved and the sender wants door to door delivery, this mode is way too costly when the delivery volume is low as the sender has to pay for the full tempo and that too for a round trip. Actually, a majority of small transport needs are for small items like print materials/banners/construction material/agro-produce, electrical/plumbing fittings, stationery material etc. This translates into higher net costs for the customer or the sender.

Freightworks works around this problem by adopting a hub and spoke transport network with its hub at a warehouse in Verna and mobile pick-up /drop units at major hubs like Panajim, Mapusa, Madgaon, Ponda, etc.
The main idea is to use a simple app based freight service model that takes part-load for business owners and individuals. Customers, mainly small business owners or individuals, in any location (say Panaji) with freight transport requirements (to say Madgaon) book the parcel. The panjim-verna Transport unit picks up the parcel and delivers it at the Verna Hub. From the Verna Hub, the standard transport unit on the Verna –Madgaon Route will pick up the parcel and give a doorstep delivery in Madgaon.
Such an aggregation in freight transport will help small businesses to deliver small low-volume items without incurring high costs and at the same time will give the service provider more revenue per trip, even after offering a reduced transport cost.

In terms of core assets this model would require a standard warehouse space of about 100 sq m (already identified), full time staff for management including loaders and drivers, vehicles (owned or hired), software and mobile app (back up of phone) with associated printers, stationery and packing material.

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