Every village and its nature warriors


With over 70% of Natural cover- that is fast disappearing. Goa has hardly any wildlife rescuers or rehabilitators. Crimes against nature and wildlife is very common. In my own village, traps are regularly set to catch wild animals and private forest land is burned down regularly for cultivation. Villagers are so disconnected from nature that they cannot even identify a harmless rat-snake when they see one and all snakes are bashed to death on site. Use of poisonous chemicals as pesticides, the trashing of small forest streams and rivers- people live without any sense of the repercussions. The Goan local youth can be trained and equipped toact as Nature warriors in all corners of the state. They can help avert man-nature conflicts, act as information points for the villages and help in rescue and rehabilitation of Goa’s wildlife. More accomplished among them can even work as tour guides for eco- tourism ventures. Give the youth meaning and purpose in life, and root them to the land that sustains them, which they will then serve with courage and convicton.

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